PlayStation Essentials for January 2023

This is a great month for January.

Starting off the list is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4 & PS5). This game is great. At the time this was the game coming off two poorly received Star Wars Battlefront games. People were ready to write this game off with EA’s poor track record. Aside from some bugs the game was a thrill, a hit, and finally we got to feel like a Jedi again. This game is a souls like and it’s probably the best entry into that genre while surprisingly feeling at home in the Star Wars universe. This is definitely a game I recommend and great for returning players who want to prepare themselves for the sequel releasing in March.

Fallout online sounded ideal, all we wanted was a single player Fallout game that we could play with friends. Instead we got a Fallout game that felt stripped of content. No NPC’s, and No real storytelling. If the world was more eye-catching it could have carried the game through the bad press. It stopped many people from jumping into the game and I may have liked playing it more if more people I knew jumped into it. Instead I was playing a solo Fallout online game with little for me. Times have changed and like Elder Scrolls Online the game has turned a new leaf. The team has added plenty of new content, and has a remarkable player base of dedicated players. It’s good to see that the game has changed and I may return to see what changes have been made. Check out my original review for Fallout 76 here.

Axiom Verge was a modest hit when it came out and while the sequel doesn’t seem to have made as big of a splash I plan to check it out myself. Axiom Verge 2 (PS4 & PS5) looks really good. I have not played enough metroidvania style games, plus it might be a good palette cleanser before ALL the releases we are getting this year.

All three titles are available now for the PlayStation Plus Essential tier until 06/02/2023.

Any excitement or disappointment with this selection of games?

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