Toge Productions – 2023 Announcements

Toge Productions, the Indonesian indie game studio released a video to celebrate the company’s 14th Anniversary. See below.

After posting the review for Coffee Talk yesterday, I had no idea there would be a showcase with a more in-depth look at Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly. The game honestly looks like there are more mechanics to it. The release date is fairly soon, set for April 20th. Physical editions for both games will be available too.

A Space for the Unbound was on my radar after seeing it coming soon on the PSN store. This game looks unique and being set in 90s Indonesia sounds cool to me. The release is near, as in tomorrow near, and I plan to pick it up. It looks great.

They also talk about their Toge Game Fund Initiative, where they have given up to $10,000 to quite a few indie developers from Southeast Asia. The products they’ve made actually look pretty good too. This is respectable coming from a studio the size of Toge Productions.

More games were announced for PC that seemed smaller in scale to these two games, and can be glimpsed above in the showcase they presented. This was a neat showcase coming from a studio I hadn’t heard of before Coffee Talk, and now have a soft spot for. When there are so many games coming out each week it’s good being able to see where the developers are coming from with their unique voices.

Did you check out the showcase, and are you excited for anything from Toge Productions?

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