Hello Tomorrow! – Trailer

Looking for a Fallout TV Show?

Hello Tomorrow! is a show that looks fantastic. It’s set during the 1960s with futuristic gadgets, and cars. This was the time where mankind was taking spaceflight to the moon, so anything was possible. After landing on the moon you could speculate that the next logical step would be to move to the moon. This show plays with that idea as if the promises that were made about the future back then were real.

Everything is not quite right as we see some gadgets failing in this perfect world. The people selling the moon realestate have an uncanny feel about them. Jack Billings (Billy Crudup) is a perfect embodiment of the unsettling feeling of the promises being made. Is his character a robot, an alien, or just another Don Draper? From IMDB you can see that Jack is played by another actor portraying his younger years, and he is in every episode so the flashbacks are going to be integral to the show. The groundwork laid in the trailer shows that we are going to get a very interesting show, and perhaps something great as Apple+ looks to have another hit show.

If Fallout had a TV show I would hope it started by looking identical to this show. Starting February 2023, I’ll be tuning in weekly to Hello Tomorrow!, how about you?

Robert Ring


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