PlayStation Essentials for April 2023

April has great value.

Meet Your Maker is a game that I thought might be a mega hit prior to release. After playing it for some time I can tell that there is potential, but it appears to have a limited scope. The tools for creating maps are great, however every user created map I’ve played runs relatively the same. You need to take your time through each map or risk running into death time after time. It is fun. It has maybe ten hours of play time before you are done with this game. Available for download on PS4 and PS5.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure was one on the PS5 launch titles. It feels like the game that was rarely talked about. It’s a great game with a fantastic soundtrack. This is an ideal game to play with the family, and has a lot of replay value. The game’s difficulty does ramp up dramatically with each new world you unlock. Available for download on PS4 and PS5.

Tails of Iron is potentially the best game out of the three titles. It was well reviewed on release. The art style is amazing, a bit like Hollow Knight. I’m excited to get into this one at some point. Available for download on PS4 and PS5.

All three titles are available from the 4th April for the PlayStation Plus Essential tier until May 1st 2023. This month is unusual because each game in the essential tier has a native PS4 version alongside a native PS5 version.

Are you excited with this selection of games for April?

Robert Ring