Dead Space – Reviews Are In

I love the setting of Dead Space, it’s stunning and then you run into the infected. The original game was too much for me, so better graphics would just illuminate the horror for me.. haha no thanks. One day I will play this version to completion.

After Forspoken came out to little acclaim this is the first big triple A hit for 2023.

Dead Space – Review Scores

Twinfinite – 100

IGN – 90

Game Rant – 90

Screen Rant – 90

PlayStation LifeStyle – 90

PlayStation Universe – 90

Destructoid – 85

Push Square – 80

Metacritic Score is currently at 89% with 54 Critic Reviews.

Judging from the scores given by the major outlets so far the Metacritic score will likely stay close to this. In all accounts Dead Space remake is great. It expands on nearly all aspects of the original and serves it with great care.

It’s great to know that the Dead Space remake came out great. All the promises and expectations of triple A games in the past couple of years have made gamers cautious of being sold a dud.

Are you excited to play Dead Space, or are you happy enough with the original?

Robert Ring