PlayStation Essentials for March 2023

This month has a lot of value.

Battlefield is a franchise that has managed to lose its identity more and more with each new title. It’s never a bad thing to see a franchise trying to stay fresh and evolve, but Battlefield has changed to chase the dollar over creativity. Even titles like Battlefield: Hotline was at least an intreating attempt at changing the franchise, but now with Battlefield 2042 it feels as if the franchise is flatlining. Critics gave Battlefield 2042 mediocre reviews, however the players spoke critically of the game due to game breaking bugs, and a lack of features missing from previous entries. Most notably Battlefield 2042 has no single player campaign. Battlefield titles usually launch broken, and by the time they have the game working properly the player base is gone, so maybe now is the time to check it out before the servers feel dead.

Mincraft Dungeons has always looked really fun. It does seem to look like it’s more geared towards children with simplistic dungeon crawling. Like Diablo it would likely be a blast to play with friends. It’s great to see Mincraft continue to be supported on PlayStation, and next moth Minecraft Legends comes to the platform too. Be sure to add Minecraft Dungeons to to your library.

Code Vein is another soulsborne inspired game that has always appealed to me through the artwork. It looks good and reviewed well. If you are not burned out, or are looking for another soulsborne game this one might be for you.

All three titles are available from the 7th March for the PlayStation Plus Essential tier until April 3rd 2023. Battlefield 2042 is the only PlayStation 5 title in the essential tier this month, and it is also available on PlayStation 4.

Are you excited with this selection of games?

Robert Ring

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell LEGO Revealed

There has been rumours of The Lord of the Rings making its way back into Lego sets for what seems like years. Finally, we have it and this set comes in at a whopping 6167pcs.

If the Harry Potter sets we’ve beens getting are any indication of what’s to come we should expect more of these big sets recreating some of the biggest set pieces in The Lord of the Rings franchise. This set is a great first set. You get all the major characters in one of the most memorable scenes. The set is really a bookend of the franchise as Rivendell is where the journey really begins to the place they all return once the journey is over.

The set can be separated into three distinct sets. The first section contains the The Council Ring, Frodo’s Bedroom, and Elrond’s Study. The second section is an Elven Tower. The third section is the Gazebo, River, and Bridge. This set isn’t holding back with mini figures either, you get fifteen of them, pretty much all the heroes of the story.

The press kit photos show how great the set looks displayed on a set of drawers. I’m not even the biggest fan of The Lord of the Rings, but this set is incredibly desirable from the aesthetic, and irresistible when you imagine the possibilities of the series ten years from now altogether.

Hopefully this set stays on shelves for at least two years because the price is $499.99 US. Lego is off to a strong start this year and with Disney’s 100th Anniversary I think they have a few more surprises coming this year.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set releases next month on March 8th.

Will you be getting this set?

Robert Ring