PSP Game Patched for Trophies

Super Stardust Portable released to PlayStation Plus Premium on June 23rd 2022. Notably the game was released without trophies, leaving gamers to question whether each PSP and PS1 games would release with trophies on a game to game basis. There is still no real understanding of which titles will and won’t get them, but it is great to see that they can be input into games even after launch.

Now Super Stardust Portable has trophies for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions.

This should be standard for all PSP and PS1 titles even if there is a little extra work involved when porting the games. If these games are not going to be remastered at least make them as future proof as possible. Now lets see them bring trophies to games like Toy Story 2.

Are there any games you would like to see them add trophies to from the PS1 and PSP games?

Robert Ring


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